BE CAREFUL : Those fanfics are slash stories. If you are not legally allowed to read graphic sexual material in your location,do not read the stories labeled GS. If you do not want to read about homosexual relationships, do not read the stories labeled SLASH.

An adventurer, Jim Ellison, and a young librarian, Blair Sandburg, have to fight a terrible curse.
This fanfic was first published in My Mongoose Ezine. It's a kind of cross-over between the serie and the movie.



If you love Ovide's tale, you'll love this story, where Blair is a young professor who falls in love with a statue.

Eros and Psyche.


In her bookshop, the narrator meet Blair Sandburg and try to help him by writting another version of Eros and Psyche's tale.

Summer Day


Short story : Blair is helped by 'Gabe', because he doesn't know if he loves his team mate.

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